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Posted by Surmount Human Resource Management on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Future Of Employee Benefits Is Now!

Is your benefits enrollment process completely manual with your current broker?

Do you have to chase down employee paperwork?
Do forms get lost?
Do you dread the Annual Enrollment Period with a passion?

What if Surmount provided those deliverables:

  • Automate your entire enrollment process from enrollment through data transfer to carriers
  • Completely eliminate your paper-based processing
  • Provide an interactive enrollment vehicle that your employees will like and actually use
  • Send enrollment elections to your payroll deductions and alleviate redundant entry
  • Give you a real-time dashboard of the enrollment process on-demand

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How does your employee onboarding process work today?

Is it like Star Trek, where you can beam Scotty up?

Or is it more like the Pony Express, where you can wait until spring?

Surmount delivers:

  • Automated and Interactive Onboarding
  • Online Benefits Enrollment and Employee Self-Service
  • Company and Employee Document Management
  • Benefits Management and System Dashboards
  • Compliance in a Box and Analytical Reporting Capabilities
  • Full-Service Payroll and Tax

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PEO’s can charge up to $1,000+ a year, per employee!

What if your broker became your single source provider for your administrative needs?

That is what Surmount is here to do!

Surmount is your broker-tech firm. When you work with us, we provide you with a custom branded, single database HRMS platform that streamlines all your business administration processes. From automated onboarding, benefits enrollment, and payroll to HRMS and beyond – the seamless solution awaits you.

Say goodbye to fragmented PEO processes AND their high fees!

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Why settle for just a traditional broker when you can have Broker-Tech?

We believe employee benefits should benefit job seekers, employees and employers alike.

They need to be affordable, adaptable, and most importantly, uncomplicated.

That's why we've developed a broker-tech solution that combines our industry experience and proven expertise with an all-encompassing, single database technology to manage all of your HR, benefits, and compliance needs.

No paper, no integrations, and no pain necessary.

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